Current Lab Members

Doug Booher (website)
NSF Postdoc, Univ. of Illinois and Cornell (w/ Corrie Moreau)
Ant community ecology; taxonomy and evolution of Strumigenys
twitter: @antmuseum

Priscila Hanisch (website)
Conicet Postdoc, Museo Argentino de Ciencas Naturales (w/ Pablo Tubaro)
Flight patterns and reproductive behavior in ants.
twitter: @PriscilaHanisch

Josh Gibson (website)
PhD student, Department of Entomology
Evolution of trap-jaw mechanisms in ants.
twitter: @DrStrangeAnt

Michael Rivera (website)
PhD student, Program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology
Ecological and evolutionary drivers of morphological variation in ants.
twitter: @mdrivera662

Kim Drager (website)
PhD student, Department of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior
Ant interactions with the soil environment including nest architecture.

Suarez lab 2015

Former PhD Students

Selina Ruzi (website)
PhD 2019 PEEC
NSF Postdoc, North Carolina State University
twitter: @RuziMyrmex

Rafael Achury (google scholar)
PhD 2019 Entomology
Postdoc, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany
twitter: @rafaelachury

Priscila Hanisch (website)
PhD 2018 University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Postdoc, Museo de Ciencas Naturales, Buenos Aires, Argentina
twitter: @PriscilaHanisch

Fred Larabee (website)
PhD 2015 Entomology
Postdoc, University of Maryland Baltimore County; Smithsonian Institution
twitter: @bugbiter

Jo-Anne Holley (website)
PhD 2015 Entomology
Assistant Professor of Practice, College of Natural Sciences, Univ. of Texas at Austin
twitter: @Jomez1

Bill Wills (website)
PhD 2013 Animal Biology
Assistant research Professor, Dept. of Biology, Auburn Univ.
twitter: @TwiceWilliam

Moni Berg-Binder (website)
PhD 2011 Animal Biology
Associate Professor, Biology, St. Mary’s Univ. of Minnesota

Chris R. Smith (website)
PhD 2008 PEEC
Associate Professor of Biology, Earlham College
twitter: @ant_doctor

Suarez lab 2009

Former MS Students

Andrea Walker
MS 2013 Entomology
Interpretive Specialist, Natural Bridges State Beach, CA

Joe Laird
MS 2010 Entomology
Research Assistant, University of Iowa

Sara Kantarovich
MS 2008 Entomology
Technical Director, Smithereen Pest Management Services, Chicago, IL

Suarez lab 2007

Former Postdocs

Adrian Smith 2011-2015 (website)
Head, Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Research Lab, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences; Research Assistant Prof., Dept. of Biology, North Carolina State Univ.
twitter: @DrAdrianSmith

Laurence Berville 2014-2016 (website)
Institute of Research on Insect Biology, University of Tour

Eli Sarnat 2010-2014 (website)
Postdoc, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Dietrich Gotzek 2011-2014 (google scholar)
Postdoc, Smithsonian Institution

Joseph Spagna 2006-2008 (website)
Associate Professor of Biology, William Paterson Univ., New Jersey
twitter: @JSpagna1

Chad Tillberg 2004-2006 (website)
Professor of Biology, Linfield College, Oregon
twitter: @cvtillberg

Lori Lach 2004-2006 (website)
Senior Lecturer, James Cook Univ., Cairns, Australia
twitter: @Lori_Lach

Suarez lab 2004