IB 439: Biogeography

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Description: Spatial and temporal patterns of biological diversity and the factors that govern the distribution and abundance of taxa. This course addresses two of its subfields: historical biogeography - the origin, dispersal, and extinction of taxa and biotas; and ecological biogeography - the role physical and biotic environments have played in determining taxonomic distributions. Also explores the ecological, evolutionary, climatological, and paleontological foundations for the distribution of species and biological communities. Includes a review of many of the field's classical papers, the current synthesis of biogeographic theory, and the relevance of biogeography to modern conservation goals. Offered in alternate years. Same as ANTH 436, ESE 439, GEOG 436, and NRES 441. Prerequisite: IB 150 or other introductory biology course, or consent of instructor.
Cross List: ANTH 436, ESES 439, GGIS 436, NRES 441
IB Area(s):A2
Course Offered in Semester(s): Spring
Offered Only: Even Years
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