IB 105 ONL: Environmental Biology (Gen Ed) (not offered in near future)

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IB 105 Online is an introduction to ecological principles in relation to understanding environmental problems. The class emphasizes impacts upon ecosystems by human activities such as air and water pollution, usage of pesticides and pest control measures, industrialization of agriculture, and climate change.

IB 105 Online is a fast-paced, ONLINE course with no face-to-face class meetings. It is hosted on the Learn@Illinois platform. All lessons, learning activities, and discussions will be conducted online. You will participate in asynchronous online forum discussions with your instructors and classmates and in synchronous video discussions.

This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for Nat Sci & Tech - Life Sciences. In addressing the broad scope of environmental biology, we will also cover all the fundamental concepts of the life sciences, including genetics, speciation, evolution, growth and differentiation, metabolism and bio-energetics, ecology, and behavior. We will review scientific methodology, and you will engage in exercises that involve making observations, evaluating data, and problem solving.

Offered Online: Yes
Course Offered in Semester(s): Spring
Additional Notes: Online in Spring
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