Insect Fear Film Fest T-Shirt Design Contest

This is being sent on behalf of Michelle Duennes

Hello Everyone,

EGSA is officially announcing the T-Shirt Design Contest for The 30th Annual Insect Fear Film Festival! The theme this year is: “The InsX-Files: The Truth (about insects) Is Out There” because creator/director/producer of The X-Files, Chris Carter, will be a special guest this year! We’ll being showing two episodes of The X-Files TV show and the feature film will be “The XFiles: Fight the Future.”

Designs are due to Audra Weinstein in 320 Morrill Hall by 5pm on Friday, January 25th and voting will be from Jan 28-Feb 1. The winner receives a $50 cash prize and their design will be immortalized at the IFFF30 T-shirt!

Below are a few rules and guidelines for the contest. Please spread the word about IFFF (#IFFF30 on Twitter, via Facebook, etc.)!

“The InsX-Files: The Truth (about insects) Is Out There”
IFFF T-Shirt Design Contest Rules and Guidelines:
1. “Insect Fear Film Festival” must be present in the design.
2. The number of the festival (30) must be present in the design.
3. The date of the festival (February 23rd, 2013) must be present in the design (this can be in any notation).
5. The theme of the festival, “The InsX-Files: The Truth (about insects) Is Out There,” must be present in the design.
6. NO weapons (guns, knives, bombs, etc.) can be present in the design.
7. The design can contain a MAXIMUM of three colors (not including the T-shirt color/background).

Here is a link to winning designs from previous years for inspiration.

Below are links to the shirts we order every year, and the color choices. Instead of letting the designer of the winning T-shirt pick the colors after the contest, we’ve decided to present you with the available colors beforehand so you can pick them as you design and so you can incorporate the “background” color into your submission.
Please pick a color(s) that can be found in each of the different styles (or something very similar).

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