Congratulations Dr Ainsworth and Dr Long!

Congratulations to plant biology’s Lisa Ainsworth, winner of the Shull Award, and Steve Long, winner of the Kettering Award!

The Charles Albert Shull Award is granted annually by the American Society of Plant Biologists to an early career scientist for outstanding investigations in the field of plant biology. Lisa received this award for her impressive scholarship, as well as her exemplary teaching and service. Lisa’s pioneering research on impacts of global and environmental change on both natural and managed plant ecosystems is widely appreciated.

The Charles F. Kettering Award was established to recognize excellence in the field of photosynthesis. Steve earned this year’s award for his seminal discoveries of the responses of photosynthesis to changes in the physical environment as well as the role of photosynthesis in mitigating climate change. Most recently, he and collaborators are developing plants as renewable sources of liquid fuel and addressing the social, economic, and ethical dimensions of allocating part of the food producing landscape to the production of fuel.

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